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Parodontology & Periodontics

Parodontology is a field of dentistry dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses which affect the supporting tooth tissues (periodontal ligament) consisting of the gingiva (gums), bone, cement (mass surrounding the root of the tooth) and periodontal ligament.

Gingival Recession Therapy

Fix the morphology, position & quantity of the gingiva in the area around the teeth.

Clinical Crown Lengthening

Most commonly used to achieve aesthetic goals. To diminish tooth length asymmetry.

Guided Bone Regeneration

A surgical method that aims at augmenting the volume and the structure of the bone.

Guided Soft Tissue Regeneration

A surgical procedure regenerating defects of the bearing tooth structures, bones & gums.

Gingival Recession (Severe Parodontitis)

Periodontal illnesses comprises gingivitis & periodontitis, with both conditions gradually progressing.
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