Guided Bone Regeneration

Guided Bone Regeneration

Guided Bone Regeneration is a surgical method that aims at augmenting the volume and the structure of the bone. We use it; on patients who are experiencing substantial bone resorption who can then undergo the installation of the implants; after extractions in order to prevent the atrophy of the alveolus; to regenerate the bone around teeth that has been damaged due to a periodontal disease or after surgical procedures like cystectomy in order to fill the bone defect.

The most common procedures prior to an implantology treatment are bone augmentation and sinus lift. Bone augmentation is a surgical procedure where we add bone-inducing granulated material onto boneless areas. In other words, we install an auto-logic or artificial bone and cover the defect with a special membrane protecting the material from falling out and supporting the healing process and the bone regeneration. The procedure is finalized by stitching. Another surgical procedure is the sinus lift; lifting of the maxillary sinus bottom which is performed in the case of bone resorption in the side area of the jaw. The procedure starts by making a small ‘window’ on the bone below the sinus through which bone material is inserted, and thereby the sinus is lifted. This enables us to continue the implantology therapy after some time.

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