Gingival Recession (Severe Parodontitis)

Gingival Recession (Severe Parodontitis)

Periodontal illnesses comprise gingivitis and periodontitis, with both conditions gradually progressing. They start off as gingivitis (inflammation of gums which become swollen, red and can be painful. The gums can bleed during brushing). These conditions are caused by bacteria from the hard and the soft sediments on the gums. If not treated in a timely manner, the illness progresses further into the supporting tissue, followed by the onset of periodontitis.

The illness is characterized by additional symptoms like the deepening of the periodontal pocket, tooth mobility and falling out of the tooth, in addition to bone resorption around the tooth. Some patients also experience unpleasant taste and breath. The symptoms can be uncomfortable both pain-wise and when it comes to physical appearance. Recently, the illness started to be linked to other conditions like atherosclerosis, diabetes relapse, premature labour etc. The crucial factors contributing to the development of periodontal disease are poor oral hygiene, plaque, tartar, overlapping teeth, genetic factors, old fillings, poorly made crowns and bridges etc. When it comes to treatment, it always begins by removing the plaque and the tartar, followed by the cleaning of gingival pockets. Sometimes we have to solve the problem surgically. Often medication is prescribed to prevent infections and eliminate the causes. If the treatment starts on time the results are predominantly satisfying. Thorough oral hygiene is considered the primary instrument of protection from periodontal diseases. In order to maintain teeth in a healthy condition, tartar cleaning and tooth polishing are necessary at least twice a year in order to prevent issues in the future.

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