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Dentistry Specialities at Our Clinic

Clinic Dentistry Specialities – Dental Care in Dubrovnik

The Dubrovnik clinic provides most common dentistry specialities. Implantology & prosthodontics, oral surgery, paradontology & periodontics as well as endodontics and, esthetic dentistry. These dentistry specialities would be unthinkable without precise diagnostics & various high technology devices. They help our dentists achieve high quality services, in accordance with today’s highest standards for the most demanding surgical procedures. Modern dentistry sets very high standards and each professional clinic should accept and implement these standards. Our clinic continually invests in education, advanced standards and technology. The Dubrovnik Dental Clinic in Croatia utilises some of the newest methods and technology available: Cerec 3D CAD/CAM technology, ARCUS digma II, CT and computer-guided implantology with the help of a sophisticated software solutions.
View available treatments for each speciality area. Each area consists of a list of dental treatments & procedures available in our clinic.
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