Wisdom Tooth Extraction

wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A wisdom tooth is one of two molars in the back of your mouth. They usually come in between the ages of 17 and 25, and they’re spotted on X-rays or latest when certain problems arise.

One of the most common dental surgical procedures are the extraction of impacted and retinated teeth, which occurs usually on wisdom teeth due to their specific position and anatomic variations. They often grow only partially and make the oral hygiene difficult, in addition to bringing other complications.

When a wisdom tooth causes problems, it needs to be taken out. Other good reasons to take them out include is damage to other nearby teeth as an extra set of molars can push your other teeth around, causing mouth pain and bite problem. A partially erupted wisdom tooth can lead to bacterial infection called pericoronitis.

Dental Inlay, Onlay and Overlay

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