Implantology Procedures

Implantology Procedures Our Clinic Provides

Dental implantology represents the latest development in replacement of one tooth or more teeth that have been lost. Different implantation procedures  allow for different prosthetic solutions. All procedures provide supreme aesthetics, while at the same time they contribute to the preservation of teeth. They prevent bone loss and increase the quality of life.

Dental implantology procedures involve installation of screws made from bio-compatible material (Titan). They are placed into the bone and act as the root of the tooth. It consists of the part installed inside the bone and above the bone and tissue level upon which a prosthetic solution is installed, where the screw acts as a bearer of the artificial tooth. The installation of the implant is done using a local anaesthetic, and is therefore a painless process. After the surgical part of the procedure an imprint is made and a period of osseointegration begins, when the implant is ‘in-growing’ with the bone.

During this period most of the patients are given a temporary solution. When the implant has been osseointegrated, the final prosthetic solution is installed. Implants are a solution which can last for a lifetime with adequate tooth hygiene habits and regular check-ups at the dentist’s.

See Different Implant Procedures

Single Front Implant Before
Single Front Implant After
Single Implant (Front)

A single front tooth replacement with implant.

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