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Endodontics is a field in dentistry dealing with root canal treatments, where the root canal has been pathologically altered. Treatment may be needed due to a bacterial infection caused by cavity, or other causes. The tooth can show symptoms of the disease, but the illness can also be asymptomatic, meaning that a patient could lose a tooth and end up with the surrounding tissue destruction. Sometimes the condition can be linked to heart, kidney, joint and hair problems, which has been proven in the practice. It is our stance that each tooth should be attended to in a high quality fashion in that scenario, including the filling of the tooth or a crown if the damage to the tooth has been substantial.
Each tooth should be preserved for as long as possible because its extraction results in patients having to pay a lot of money for the implant. We use modern methods for the so-called mechanical root canal treatment in our clinic, called Reciproc and Protaper. The results have proven to be better compared to the classical method. The length of the canal is measured using the RVG picture and an apex locator, followed by the treatment of the canal using Ni-Ti needles. After the infected area has been cleaned (the danger that the instrument may broke is not present as is in classical methods), the dense canal network undergoes a chemical cleaning process. The treatment is finalized by hermetically filling the canals using biocompatible materials in order to avoid future infections.
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