Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening

Whitening is a process which can bring back your pearly white smile. Teeth change over time. The enamel becomes thinner, the dentine is visible through the tooth and it becomes darker. In addition, the discolouration is linked to foods and beverages of darker nuances, alcohol and smoking. Some medications can also cause your teeth to change. Nowadays the whitening process is a painless, even a comfortable process, and the surrounding tissue is not being damaged. Some patients may feel a slight sensitivity during the process, and experience slight sensitivity to cold drinks and food which ceases up to several days following the procedure. You can have your white teeth back in no time, resulting in increased self-respect due to the teeth looking cleaner and whiter. It is easier to whiten yellow-brownish teeth compared to the blue-grey coloured teeth. In order for the whitening results to be better, the teeth undergo an anti tartar cleaning process as well as the polishing process, while the durability of a beautiful smile depends on changing some bad habits like drinking too much coffee, tea, red wine, Coke or dark-coloured juices. Smoking is not allowed for the three weeks following the whitening process in order to gain maximum results. Please note that the chemicals being used in the process do not in any way affect tooth fillings or prosthetics. The latter can be replaced with a lighter-coloured solution. If you will undergo prosthetic procedures, please consult your dentist prior to the whitening process in order to match the colours.

Dental Inlay, Onlay and Overlay

Dental Inlay, Onlay and Overlay with Cosmetic Composite White Fillings can replace big amalgam fillings, the best solution is inlay or onlay!

All on Six (dental implants)

All on Six is a method of quick teeth replacement. Depending on the quantity of the remaining bone and the desired stability, we install 4 or 6 implants

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