Inlay, Onlay, Overlay

dental Inlay onlay overlay

Inlay, Onlay, Overlay

When the crown of a tooth is seriously damaged due to a trauma, a large cavity or if you decided to change big amalgam fillings, the best solution is inlay or onlay. The difference between them is in how big the affected surface is. Inlay replaces the central part of the tooth, while onlay replaces certain lumps as well. Compared to classical fillings, these fit the tooth surfaces better while closing the edges and thereby protecting it from bacteria and cavity.

They are also easier to clean and maintain, they do not change the colour and are firmer and more long-lasting.

Cosmetic Composite White Fillings

Health Programme aimed at kids and young people. This will include a dental check-up, diet advice and brushing advice.

Tooth Whitening

Your child will receive a complimentary goody bag containing tooth brush, paste and gifts.

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