Digital Smile Design

digital smile design

Digital Smile Design

Digital smile design is the latest method of smile formation using a computer program. It helps us to better visualise the patient’s’ future procedures done in their mouth. The patient participates in the design process of their future smile by clearly stating their wishes and expectations, so that the final result could be satisfying to both sides. The procedure is painless and unique for each patient. The process starts by taking mouth x rays and the imprint of the teeth for analysis. After we have designed the best smile for you, the information is being sent to a dental laboratory where a wax-up is being made. The wax-up serves as a so-called mock-up mould – the mock-up is the model of the future structure which can easily be altered, and is being placed on the patient’s teeth. The patient gains an insight into what his smile is going to look like after the procedure. In this phase the correction of the design is still possible, followed by a dialogue and a mutual agreement about the work to be done in the future.

All on Four (Dental Implants)

All on four is a method of quick teeth replacement. Depending on the quantity of the remaining bone and the desired stability, we install 4 or 6 implants

Teeth Whitening

Whitening is a process which can bring back your pearly white smile. Nowadays the whitening process is a painless, even a comfortable process!

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