All on Four or Six

All on Four or Six implants solution

All on Four/Six – All Teeth – Only 4 or 6 Implants

All on four or, all on six are two methods of quick teeth replacement. Processes which are different by a number of implants being installed into toothless jaws of patients who want a fixed solution, but do not have enough bone in the back part of the jaw. Depending on the quantity of the remaining bone and the desired stability, we install 4 or 6 implants upon which a fixed solution will be installed.

This means no more taking out and cleaning the denture every night, no more sensitive gums, further bone decay is prevented while at the same time the patient enjoys the convenience of an easier dental hygiene process in addition to the awakening of the taste buds. The patient’s teeth look natural, and the healing time is short. Implants can also serve as basis for dental prosthetics anchored on at least 2 implants in lower jaw and 4 in upper jaw.

Dental Inlay, Onlay and Overlay

Dental Inlay, Onlay and Overlay with Cosmetic Composite White Fillings can replace big amalgam fillings, the best solution is inlay or onlay!

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are thin restorative solutions cemented onto front surfaces of the teeth with minimal whetting of the healthy tooth (0,5 mm)

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