ARCUS digma II – Irreplaceable device in dental prosthetics

ARCUS digma II is a unique computer system of the German company KAVO, which provides, among other things, an insight into the situation (diagnosis) of both jaws, as well as the situation of muscles, which in one way or another engaged in the lower jaw movements. With this device can diagnose whether the patient must do the functional therapy or not.

ARCUS digma II is a irreplaceable device in dental prosthetics. This system has the ability to position the left and right lower jaw of mathematical values. Then we input these values in the dental laboratory articulator. So we get individual articulator, which can run only those movements that can run a patient. Therefore, the moves of the lower jaw can fully simulate the movement, which make the rosary, bridges or dentures.

Such works are most accurate and provide long-wearing affected prosthetic work, without fear that could get to work prosthetic damage or patient’s teeth, normally, as long as a patient comes to regular dental controls.

ARCUS digma II is an irreplaceable system for making prosthetic work on the implants. Prosthetic work done by the above mentioned systems protect not only prosthetic work, but also implants that can create problems, and even be thrown away by the organism, as long as they incorrectly burdened prosthetic work.

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